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Berlin, Germany


Berlin, Germany


Berlin, Germany


Berlin, Germany

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Berlin - Creative, colourful and exciting

Berlin, the capital of Germany, offers many options for self-enjoyment - and with a travel companion by Pure Luxury Models, another exclusive style has been added to feel alive in this unusual city. Berlin Nights are a mythical and cultural event like a Berlinale or Fashion Week that will be more inspiring with a lovely escort by your side.
It is a partial cultural capital, business centre, and melting pot: Berlin is so much more than that! People of all kinds come together here - taking cultural diversity to a new high. Explore modern bars with your travel partner and let your soul hang out in "Seeuferpromenade" or take inspiration from the arts alongside Pure Luxury models in Berlin.

An indescribable collection of luxury hotels in Berlin

Unique, pure and something very special: this not only describes the personality of the luxury supermodel, but also the hotels in Berlin that are distinguished by elegance, charm and flair.

The iconic Hotel Adlon Kempinski in "Brandenburger Tor" reflects the luxury, elegance and elegance of high society. Since 1907, the hotel has charmed its guests with exquisite and warm European style. Three restaurants, among them "Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer" with two Michelin stars, such as the trendy new location in Berlin named "Sra Bua" by Tim Raue which lives up to gourmets' rotten expectations. Berlin is decorated in an Art Deco style and is housed in a 188-meter-high building near the zoo and the Kurfürstendamm shopping mile. The noble hotel offers its guests 152 luxurious rooms as well as 80 suites. In both hotels, you can enjoy an excellent spa time with Pure Luxury.

Berlin - pure kitchen

At The Grill Royal, directly across from the Melia Hotel on the banks of the River Spree, you can enjoy meals that impressed celebrities like George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio, with your travel partner. Due to the ambience that we can guarantee, you will have a varied time. It is 200 meters from the fine Italian restaurant "Boca de Paco" on Friedrichshain Street. Many parents love to have dinner here with their daughters. It is a melting pot for generations. You can find German-French cuisine in "Borchardt" around the corner. The meeting of beginnings will be a special experience with your Pure Luxury model.

Berlin Nights: Pure Passion, Lively Beats

French culinary inspiration opens many doors for you with pure luxury style by your side. Especially when you have a beautiful lady next to you. Visit an opera in the evening or one of the many theatres or musicals. End the evening in the club or in the hotel bar only. Your imagination in Berlin knows no boundaries.

The place is in Berlin

Our biggest concern is the comfort and comfort of our escorts. So we only accept 4-5 star hotel reservations. Most of the women offer home visits in Berlin and surrounding areas. For more details, please contact us by mail or phone.

VIP, high class or luxury packages for anyone?

As mentioned earlier in the introduction, every agency appears to be marketing itself as VIP, high class, or luxury. For budding entrepreneurs, opportunities may now exist in the world of escort catering to the needs of the lower or middle classes where there appears to be a void where services are provided only to the wealthy.

But joking aside ... if you value personalized advice and tailored service then let us know your wishes and we will try to fulfil them. We are pleased to take care of your hotel, restaurant, and/or transfer reservation. We are also happy to provide recommendations for trendy clubs or luxury boutiques.

In order to make your life easier, we are happy to provide you with some booking suggestions in the form of our packages. The most popular are "Ménage à trois" and "Relax and Come". Relaxation, luxury, and fun - make the most of your time! You only live once ...

Information for future clients and escorts: European Union data protection law

In light of recent news and the new law on data privacy, rest assured that we take data protection very seriously at Escort Berlin.

We value the sensitive nature of the information provided and guarantee that we do not share this with third parties, except perhaps when you reserve a table or limousine with your explicit consent. Access is granted to owners only.
Our business model allows us to operate without having to meet the needs of our advertisers. We do not hide outside but are based in Berlin, Germany. Hence, we offer our clients complete transparency.


Berlin Escort only acts as an escort agency. We pass your inquiry and send a response once feedback is received. The exhibitors are not employed by the agency, but are self-employed, and are free to accept or reject the application.

Whether we deserve the title of luxury or a high-profile agency, we leave it to you. We guarantee that all our companions are well aware. In order to maintain this, we only accept applicants who live in Berlin.

Escorts in Berlin come to help

You may have realized it yourself and already know that the best way to enjoy a great city like Berlin is to be in the right company. If you are alone, you will feel bored and possibly depressed, but you are definitely not happy. We know more than everyone that this happens to single men in town, so we have hired the best possible team of beautiful and sexy Berlin escorts for you to choose from, and that's also something like a sex club in Berlin (the famous name for the same). It doesn't matter, if you're a visitor or a local who just needs the occasional company and sex afterward, there are girls for everyone at Taitanium Escort and our newly added branch in Berlin. For a long time, we have provided these services in other big cities all over Europe, and now we offer our experience, gorgeous girls and cheap price 200€ for Berlin escorts inside or outside the sex club in Berlin.


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